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Dental on Demand is proud to partner with your facility to provide quality mobile dentistry. We are able to service any child care facility, primary & high school, corporate function, aged care facility and many more. We provide dental intra-oral examinations, conduct extra-oral examinations, oral cancer screening, dental health status update, provide customised dental health and diet advice. Clinically, we offer dental hygiene visits, including scale, polish and fluoride treatments if necessary. 

Our staff have decades worth of dental experience, with a true passion for preventative dental health. Our staff regularly continue professional education with all aspects of dentistry and the wider health profession. We have noticed as life gets busier, time is limited for the necessary things of life. At Dental on Demand, our model is to make these important dental health appointments more convenient so that optimal dental health is achievable. 

Our dental professionals also currently practice dentistry in the local area at Bonnyrigg Dental Surgery. Where there is a referral needed to a fixed dental surgery for more comprehensive dental treatment, you would be encouraged to visit our extended highly qualified dental team there. Bonnyrigg Dental Surgery is a well established dental surgery with numerous male and female Dentists, and an Oral Health Therapist. Their exceptional service, affordable pricing and professionalism is the reason why they are so popular with anxious patients and children. 

At Dental on Demand, we believe as a mobile dental service, it is important to be able to be accountable and have a great relationship with a fixed dental surgery where we can comfortably refer more comprehensive treatments, and/or where mobile dentistry is not recommended. If Bonnyrigg Dental Surgery is not convenient for you, we can refer to our other trusted surgeries. 

For more information on our partner dental surgery - Bonnyrigg Dental Surgery 
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