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Q. Are your services fully mobile? 

A. YES! We can provide our fully mobile dental preventative dental services pretty much everywhere. Dental Home Visits are now available in the convenience of your home, office, childcare centre, aged care facility and more. 

Q. Why should we use your service instead of a fixed dental surgery? 

A. If you are already attending a dental surgery regularly, well done! We created our business model to make dentistry more convenient to those who can not or do not want to want to see a fixed dental surgery. We are passionate about oral health education and bettering overall oral health for all Australians.

Q. What types of services do you provide? 

A. We provide mobile dentistry in the form of a home visit, at child care centres, aged care facilities, schools and corporate workplaces. Dental On Demand provides mobile dentistry at your convenience! Dental check ups, hygiene visits and fluoride application, oral cancer screening, dietary and oral health advice and some restorative (fillings) and extractions for both adults and children. 

Q. My child is eligible for the Medicare Child Dental Benefit Scheme, do you bulk bill? 

A. We do bulk bill if your child is eligible for the Medicare (CDBS). Please contact us if you are unsure if your child is eligible for the Medicare scheme.

Q. It is very difficult to take my parents who live in an Aged Care Facility to appointments, what is the process of having a dental professional coming to them?

A. This is one of our biggest drivers for our mobile business. We come to you, your loved ones, at their convenience. We will organise everything with the facility and can provide you a detailed report if you can not be there. 

Q. What do you need at the service location? 

A. All we need is a power point! We bring everything we need and even provide our patients with a oral health goodie bag! 

Q. What does your portable equipment look like? 

A. We have a portable bed, state of the art portable dental equipment including a suction. This all fits  in a small corner of a room.

Q. How do you sanitise and clean your products? 

A. Infection Control is one of our highest priority. Our staff is highly trained in sanitizing areas and ensure there is no cross contamination. We use Single Use Instruments for where we can, and partner with a local dental surgery where we autoclave and sterilise our instruments. Our team is highly trained on Infection Control and pride ourselves on this.

Q. What level of education do your staff have? 

A. Our team consists of highly trained and experienced Dentists, Oral Health Therapists, Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants and even a Nutritionist.

Q. How do I get in contact? 

A. Glad you asked! We are contactable via our website here, or call 0492 833 494, email us on or follow us on our socials - Instagram & Facebook!

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