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Child Care Centres
& Pre-Schools

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It is important to instill healthy dental habits from a young age. We recommend brushing with a toothbrush or wet cloth when the first tooth erupts. We also recommend dental visits from when the first tooth erupts.


Our gentle and caring nature makes our dental team are experienced with treating young patients. We have dental songs and games, including techniques to help build trust and bring the fun into dental treatment. Dental On Demand will teach your child personalised dental health instructions to ensure their teeth stay health for life.

The examination and preventative dental treatments including the scale, prophy polish and fluoride treatment can be cover the Medicare Child Dental Benefit Scheme (CDBS). This means this treatment can be provided to your child at no cost to you!

We will check your child's eligibility prior to our visit to the child care centre. For more information on the CDBS and your child's eligibility please click here. If your child is not eligible, we charge a very small fee. If you have a private health fund, we can supply a receipt for you to claim directly through your provider.

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