Teeth Whitening

At home teeth whitening has become the latest fad. There is no safer and more effective way than whitening your natural teeth with the products that only a qualified dental professional can provide. 

At Dental On Demand, we pride ourselves on the quality treatment we provide. For every whitening treatment, we offer a complimentary limited examination and oral health advice. 

There are numerous ways to whiten your teeth. An "In Chair" whitening gives instant and long lasting results. This may not be recommended for you depending on your teeth. 

Another great way to whiten your teeth is a "Take Home" whitening kit takes a couple of at home applications to see results. This application requires us to take a customised mould of your mouth and create whitening trays. Using these trays with a small amount of bleach daily for several days will achieve the same results as the in chair. 

The photo to the right has been achieved by a "Take Home" whitening kit. 

Please get in contact for more information and to see if this treatment is recommended for you.