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Scale, Clean, Polish / Dental Maintenance

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At Dental On Demand, our team of Dental Professionals recommend brushing twice daily with fluoridated toothpaste. Cleaning in between your teeth daily is also recommended with either floss or an interdental toothbrush.

Soft plaque is removed with daily cleaning. However, calculus or tartar build up is impossible to remove with your toothbrush alone. Therefore a professional scale and polish is recommended to remove hard tartar build up and staining.

For a healthy mouth, we recommend a dental scale every 6 months to remove calculus build up. The scale will remove the built up calculus or tartar on your teeth. The polish removes any external stains on your teeth, such as coffee, tea, wine and smoking stains. A fluoride treatment may be recommended to remineralise or reduce sensitivity. In the case of periodontitis, we would recommend a hygiene appointment every 3 months.


Personalised oral health instructions or demonstrations are also provided at a clean appointment in order to help you improve your oral health at home. We may also need to take radiographs or x-rays called “bite-wings” so that we can identify decay in between teeth, areas we cant see clinically. By identifying and treating small decayed areas we can avoid extensive and expensive dental treatment in future. 



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