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What is Calculus or Tartar?

When food and plaque is left on the teeth, the minerals in the saliva harden the debris causing calculus or tartar. The build-up of calculus encourages more plaque to harbour in the mouth. Calculus is a hard yellow-brown substance that can be either on the surface of the teeth or underneath the gums. It needs to be professionally removed with an ultrasonic scaler which vibrates to loosen the calculus and ultimately remove it. Excessive calculus build up can result in other severe dental concerns such as Periodontitis, otherwise known as gum disease, and/or decay.


What is Periodontitis?

Periodontitis is an irreversible disease that destroys the supporting tissues and results in the progressive loss of bone around the teeth. When there are concerns of periodontal disease in a patient, we recommend deep cleans every 3 months. These cleans can slow the progression of the disease. Periodontitis disease can exist without pain but can be painful when there is an infection present. Patients often notice large amounts of food becoming trapped in between the teeth, elongation of the teeth (teeth looking longer), bad breathe or mobility (loose teeth).

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