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Dentures are a removable substitute for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. There are different types of dentures which are personalised for each individual. These include acrylic, metal, flexi, partial or complete dentures. It generally takes a couple weeks from start to finish.

Partial, Flexi or Complete Dentures?

Partial dentures are made for patients who have one or more missing teeth. These types of dentures can have metal clasps that stabilize the denture to natural teeth. A flexi denture is a very small denture that can replace one or two missing teeth in the same area. A complete denture is made for patients who do not have any of their natural teeth in the upper and/or lower arches.

Acrylic or Metal Dentures?

It is important to choose the right denture for your mouth. There are two main materials used for making dentures. Chrome / Metal or and Acrylic Plastic dentures. We can discuss what it the best option for your mouth. 

Broken Denture?
We may also be able to fix your existing denture if you have broken or fractured it. 

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