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Shida Taheri

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Oral Health Therapist & Dental Hygienist

Bachelor of Oral Health Therapy (UON)

Shida has more than a decade of experience in the dental field with a passion for preventative dental health. Shida's patients describe her as caring, thorough, patient and gentle. She has a compassionate and gentle approach that many patients find calming.


She enjoys seeing patients of all ages, especially younger children. She strongly believes prevention is better than a cure and strives to help encourage good dental habits to younger patients, to help encourage optimal dental health for a lifetime. 

In addition to working as an Oral Health Therapist & Dental Hygienist at a local dental surgery, Shida often volunteers at local facilities to promote oral health and dental hygiene. She also is heavily involved with the Dental Hygienist Association of Australia (DHAA). 

Ria Kiani

Senior Dental Nurse & Nutritionist

Bachelor of Science, Nutrition & Food Science (WSU) 

Ria is a jack of many trades. Not only is she our senior dental nurse and patient coordinator, she is also our nutritionist. Her love for health care encouraged her to pursue further studies in the oral health field. 

She believes diet has an undeniable link to not only oral health but overall health and enjoys educating patients on what foods are suitable to maintain a healthy mouth, as well as how to prevent oral health issues through diet. 

Ria is known for her infectious smile. She has a kind and caring personality which makes her a favourite to our patients of all ages. 


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